Application Handbook

  • Our Application Handbook contains a Guidance Chart for selecting a suitable level measurement instrument for a given medium and our readers can read more than 50 application case studies and many short references from all around the World.


  2014 - Steel producer, France, :: Distributor: C2Plus
Prior to rolling the steel sheets to huge spools they are cleaned with demineralised water which is stored in a small vessel. The installed NIVOFLIP bypass level indicator has 550 mm (1.8 feet) flange to flange distance and the unit provides clearly visible optical display. The bypass chamber is equipped with a NIVOTRACK magnetostrictive level transmitter which performs high accuracy level measurement and displays the level on the SAP-300 plug-in display module and transmits the measurement data to the central control room. The bypass chamber is also equipped with 3 MAK-100 level switches performing high limit, low limit, and low fail-safe level alarm indications.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOFLIP MLB-105-0
      NIVOFLIP MAK-100-0 - 3 pcs
      NIVOTRACK MLB-509-2
241,290Read more ... NIVOFLIP + NIVOTRACK measurement system in France  


  2013 - BRILLIANT, Romania, :: Distributor: NIVELCO Tehnica Masurarii
The essential requirement for the operation of a gasoline station is a certified high-precision measurement system which should be approved for custody transfer measurements meeting the related regulations. The ideal choice for this level mesurement task is the highly reliable and cost-effective NIVOTRACK M-500 series magnetostrictive level transmitters.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOTRACK MTA-523-8 Ex - 5 pcs
      MultiCONT PRW-22E-5 Ex
      MultiCONT PRW-24E-5 Ex
234,975Read more ... Fuel level measurement with NIVELCO transmitters (Romania)  


  2012 - PETROL Kft, Budapest, Hungary,
In the Hungarian capital city, the Budapest Water Works Company has numberless trucks and cars. The great amount of fuel consumption is supplied from their own petrol station. These small stations use NIVOTRACK magnetostrictive level transmitters to monitor the fuel level and the measured data are processed by MultiCONT process controllers.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOTRACK MTA-514-7 - 1 pc
      NIVOTRACK MTA-516-7 - 1 pc
      NIVOTRACK MTA-518-7 - 1 pc
      NIVOTRACK MTA-520-7 - 1 pc
      NIVOTRACK MTA-522-7 - 1 pc
      MultiCONT PEW-21A-5 - 2 pcs
      MultiCONT PEW-24A-5 - 2 pcs


  2012 - Agrokémia Sellye Zrt., Sellye, Hungary,
The Agrokémia Sellye chemical plant made a major instrumentation investment project in 2011-2012. The pesticide containing batch-tanks are measured by magnetostrictive level transmitters with 95mm diameter float and two tanks are equipped with vibrating fork level switches for overfill protection.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOTRACK MTC-527-4 - 2 pcs
      NIVOTRACK MTC-529-4 - 1 pc
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-400-3 - 2 pcs


  2012 - Agrokémia Sellye Zrt., Sellye, Hungary,
NIVELCO instruments are used in the pesticide production of Agrokémia Sellye Zrt. All transmitters and infra-red sensors are connected to the controlling server. This computer is running a NIVISION process visualization software which enables the unified data management of the measurement values, visual displaying of each process and batch tracking with receipt logging.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOTRACK MTC-522-8Ex - 10 pcs
      EchoTREK SGF-380-8 Ex - 2 pcs
      MultiCONT PRC-24A-5Ex
      THERMOCONT TBC 521-8Ex
      NIRED IRV-111-1
205,750Read more ... NIVELCO instruments in the pesticide production (Hungary)  


  2012 - NT Food Kft., Kiskunfélegyháza, Hungary,
The NT Food Kft. in Kiskunfélegyháza produces hot pressed, extracted, raw and refined sunflower cooking oil, their best-known brand in Hungary is called Kunsági Éden. The company is the largest Hungarian owned edible oil producer for over 15 years. The implemented measurement system monitors the batch numbers assigned to the raw materials during the whole manufacturing process from the input seed state to the bottled oil state.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HHS-410-8 Ex - 4 pcs
      MicroTREK HTN-415-4 - 3 pcs
      NIVOTRACK MTK-540-4 - 4 pcs
      NIVOTRACK MTK-5A0-4 - 4 pcs
      THERMOCONT TSP-211-0 - 33 pcs
      THERMOCONT TSP-215-0 - 42 pcs
      NIVOPRESS DTE 651-2
      NIVOPRESS DTE 551-8 Ex - 2 pcs
      NIPRESS DRE-452-2 - 4 pcs
      NIMET BLV-141-4 - 152 pcs
      MultiCONT PRW-2MA-2
      UNICONT PMG-400
      UNICONT PJK-102-4 - 8 pcs
      NIPOWER PPK-331
205,735Read more ... Edible oil plant with NIVELCO instrumentation (Hungary)  


  2012 - OANDO, Nigeria, :: Distributor: Smartflow Technologies
The stock management of Nigeria’s largest oil retailer (OANDO) has been monitored on-line thanks to a Hungarian development, a complex remote object-monitoring system. This solution was born from the close cooperation of two Hungarian company groups – Lambda-Com Kft. and NIVELCO Process Control Co. – which is able to provide continuous and accurate level monitoring. In addition to this the system facilitates the more efficient stock management and the organization of the fuel-delivery.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOTRACK MTU-530-7Ex - 45 pcs
      MultiCONT PRW-2A1-2 - 20 pcs
205,729Read more ... NIVELCO transmitters in a gas station (Nigeria)  


  2011 - Linamar Precision Part Manufacturing Site in Békéscsaba, Hungary,
Linamar Precision Part Manufacturing Site in Békéscsaba, Hungary uses NIVOTRACK magnetostrictive transmitters to measure the washing liquid of filtering-cleaning Common Rail equipment.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOTRACK MMA-504-6 Ex 2 pcs.
      UNICONT PDF-501-6 Ex
      NIVOPRESS DBC-5H1-6 Ex
      UNICONT PGK-301-B Ex
      NIPOWER PPK-331-1
190,080Read more ... NIVELCO in mechanical engineering automation (Hungary)  


  2011 - ÉMV Incineration plant in Sajóbábony, Hungary,
MicroTREK guided microwave and NIVOTRACK magnetostrictive transmitters measure the level in xylol and boric acid tanks.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOTRACK MTK-560-8 Ex 4 pcs.
      NIVOTRACK MTC-530-8 Ex 3 pcs.
      MicroTREK HHR-428-8 Ex 4 pcs.
      UNICONT PGK-301-B Ex 11 pcs.
      NIPOWER PPK-331 3 pcs.
190,017Read more ... High precision level measurement in ÉMV Incineration Plant (Hungary)  


  2011 - North-Hungarian Chemical-works, Sajóbábony,
Demands on high-technology measurements in a North-Hungarian Chemical-works. Level measurement of raw material tanks with MicroTREK and NIVOTRACK transmitters.  Nivelco's instruments:

189,929Read more ... Demands on high-technology measurements at North-Hungarian Chemical-works   


  2009 - North-Hungarian Chemical-works, Sajóbábony,
Măsurare de nivel în industria chimică ,în rezervoare culcate şi în picoare, cu conţinut de materiale explozibile (xyol,acid boric) , realizat cu traductoare de nivel magnetostrictivăde mare precizie (1-5 mm) şi cu tradutoare de nivel de tip radar cu ghid de undă.   Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOTRACK MTK-560-8 Ex : 4 db
      NIVOTRACK MTK-530-8 Ex : 3 db
      MicroTREK HTR-428-8 Ex : 4 db
166,390Read more ... High precision level measurement in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry  


  2009 - Central European Gas Terminal (Közép-Európai Gázterminál), Dunaalmás, Hungary,
LPG level measurement in hazardous environment with magnetostrictive level transmitters validated by the NMI (National Metrology Institute). High accuracy (1mm) measurement has been achieved to meet the regulations of excise laws. Due to the low specific gravity of the medium the 95mm float was installed.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOTRACK MBA-325A Ex (2 pcs )
      THERMOCONT TBC-527A Ex (2 pcs )
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-406-8 Ex (2 pcs )
      UNICONT PKK-312-8 Ex (2 pcs )
      NIPRESS DRC-382-6 Ex (2 pcs )
      NIPOWER PPK-331-1 (2 pcs )
146,998Read more ... High accuracy level measurement of Lpg  


  2008 - Magyar Suzuki Zrt., Esztergom, Hungary,
Level measuring of motor oils and brake liquids in underground tank park of the Suzuki automobile factory with NIVOTRACK magnetostrictive level transmitters. Output signal is processed with PLC.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOTRACK MTC-326-6 Ex : 4 pcs.


  2007 - INTER-TRAM Kft., Mátészalka, Hungary,
Level measuring of oil tanks with magnetostrictive transmitter, high fail-safe switching with vibrating fork level switch.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOTRACK MTA-334 - 3 pcs.
      NIVOSWITCH RFM-412 - 9 pcs.


  2007 - Taboil KFT., Igal, Hungary,
Level measuring of fuel tanks with magnetostrictive level transmitters, programming and displaying is done by a MultiCONT controller.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOTRACK MTC-325 Ex 3db
      MultiCONT PEW-14A Ex


  2007 - Ungaria, Gallicoop ZRt, Szarvas,
Linie de fabricaţie semipreparate carne de pasăre. Măsurarea volumului uleiului folosit pentru prăjire + vizualizare (NIVISION).   Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOTRACK MTA-326-4 2 db
      MultiCONT PRW-14A-1 1 db
      NIVISION software de proces


  2003 - Ungaria, Rezervoare de combustibil de la Bodaszőlő,
Parcul de rezervoare de la Bodaszőlő Măsurarea nivelului la rezervoare de combustibil în conformitate cu standardele OMH Măsurare cu echipament Magnetostrictiv, cu bare de măsurare flexibile, cu indicator pe panou echipamentelor, cu prelucrare de semnal pe PC - cu comutare de nivel maxim (semnal de avarie) şi cu comutator magnetic plutitor. (14 rezervoare).   Nivelco's instruments:

      14 pieces NIVOTRACK MTK-370-8 Ex
      14 pieces NIVOPOINT MRA-115-7 Ex
      14 pieces UNICONT PMM-311


  2000-2005 - POLONIA, NITRON,
Domeniul de masurare: 3 m Mediul: chimical NIVOTRACK in diferite medii chimicale  Nivelco's instruments:


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