EasyTREK SP-500

  • The new EasyTREK SP-500 series ultrasonic level transmitters are available to order from the end of June.
    The members of the new EasyTREK SP-500 series can be recognised from the more compact size, and the increased maximum measuring distance in the specific price range.


  2017 - Wastewater lift station, USA , :: Distributor: NIVELCO USA LLC
During heavy rains, especially in the winter months, large volumes of trash, consisting of cans, bottles, cups and paper waste are washed down the drains on streets and wind up in the lift station inlet well. See slide 2. Electric Supply Source (ESS), working together with Nivelco’ s Representative, sought to provide a solution for continuous measurement of the level in the 30 ft deep well containing the storm water and trash. A NIVELCO Model WPP PiloTREK was selected.  Nivelco's instruments:

      PiloTREK WPP

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  2016 - Konstanca, SARGEANT MARINE ROMANIA S.R.L., Románia,
The end-user SARGEANT MARINE ROMANIA S.R.L. is an England-based company having leading role in the Romanian road construction industry for nearly 20 years considering the amount of produced bitumen. The company’s facility is located in Constanța in the coast of the Black Sea where the bitumen is stored in 7 high capacity (9000 m3) tanks. The measurement task was the following:
  • Continuously measure the stored volume in the tanks
  • Temperature measurement in three points inside the tank
  • Providing high fail-safe alarm with sound and visual indication
  • Local displaying of the measurement data
  • Collecting and logging the data in a central computer
  • Volume correction based on the measured temperature
  Nivelco's instruments:

      PiloTREK WHS-150-4 – 1 pc
      PiloTREK WJS-182-4 – 6 pcs
      THERMOCONT TBC-526-4 – 21 pcs
      NIVOCAP CMV-115-1 – 7 pcs
      MultiCONT PRD-2MA-1 – 3 pcs
      NIPOWER PPK-331-1 – 2 pcs
      NIVISION process visualization software

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  2016 - Nirlat, Israel, :: Distributor: Technomad Industrial Instruments and Control Ltd.
Nirlat is one of the largest and leading Israeli industrial companies specializes in the development, and manufacture paint, decorative paint, powder, surface preparation compounds and sealants. Nowadays, as part of Israel south region development, Nirlat’s factory is replacing old production lines with new ones including all level transmitters & switches.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SCD-34J-4 – 4 pcs
      PiloTREK WPM-140-8 Ex – 12 pcs
      NIVOCONT RKH-502-5 Ex – 12 pcs
      NIVOCONT RKR-510-5 Ex – 4 pcs
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-406-9 Ex – 8 pcs
      NIVOCAP CKV-115-5 Ex – 4 pcs
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-401-4 – 2 pcs
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-401-3 – 4 pcs
285,436Read more ... NIVELCO instruments in the Israeli pait factory  


  2016 - Thermal oil boiler-houses, Napal Ltd., Estonia, :: Distributor: Standel AS
Thermal oil boiler-houses are using petroleum products which are replacing the less economical steam boiler plants. In these thermal oil boiler houses there are more than 40 NIVELCO manufactured high temperature type MicroTREK guided wave level transmitters used for monitoring and control thermal oil level in different height and shaped oil tanks.   Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK – 40 pcs

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  2016 - Lumber treating plant, Arch Wood Protection, Minnesota USA, :: Distributor: Process Measurement and Control Company (PMCC)
A lumber pressure treating company in Minnesota had issues with their non-contact radar level measurement product and contacted Process Measurement & Control Company to discuss the application and seek a solution. The lumber pressure treating company has several process tanks with a high percentage of water vapor in the tank vapor space that was condensing on the radar antenna. It was determined that excessive condensation began to form on the antenna of the radar transmitter, which caused unacceptable measurement error. After multiple re-programming attempts, it was recommended that guided microwave MicroTREK transmitters be installed as a replacement.   Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK Guided Microwave Level Transmitters


  2016 - Fuel depot, Nelsa, Italy, :: Distributor: Isoil Industria Spa
In the facility of Nelsa - a company owned by MOL group - hydrocarbons fuels (gasoline and diesel) and oil for heating plants (kerosene, BTZ: low sulfur fuel oil) are stored. It was the requirement of the established system to ensure real-time monitoring of products with a continuous record of stocks. In addition, an alarm system is connected to prevent theft and unauthorized withdrawals. The MicroTREK level transmitters are measure two diesel and two low sulphur fuel oil storage tank, both 13 metres high, while the seven diesel fuel tank is much lower. All level transmitter and the MultiCONT are explosion-proof models as the environment is explosive hazardous.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTT-413-8 Ex - 4 pcs
      MicroTREK HTA-426-8 Ex - 7 pcs
      MultiCONT PRD-24A-5 Ex
277,625Read more ... NIVELCO transmitters commissioned by ISOIL in Italy  


  2016 - Tank farm, Borealis, Italy, :: Distributor: Isoil Industria Spa
Borealis offers a comprehensive range of innovative polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) solutions. ISOIL supplied monitoring tank farm and process control level switches The UNICONT PDF loop indicator displays the data of four weighing cell in the control room. The measurement results of the measured cells can be integrated into the system and can be displayed with the NIVISION software. The NIVOCONT R vibrating rod level switches perform lower or upper level control for small mixing tanks while the ultrasonic and guided microwave level transmitters measure the raw material and finished product storage tanks.   Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-412-4 - 2 pcs
      EasyTREK SCD-330-4 - 3 pcs
      EchoTREK STD-33J-3 - 18 pcs
      NIVOCONT RKH-602-1 - 75 pcs
      UNICONT PDF-401-4 - 1 pc
      MultiCONT PRW-18A-2 - 4 pcs
      NIVISION software
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  2015 - Animal protein processing plant, Lins, Brazil, :: Distributor: NIVETEC
JBS is a global leader in animal protein processing, owner of beef, pork and lamb, poultry and leather processing plants, in addition to feedlots. It also operates in the segments of cleaning and hygiene products, collagen, can making, casings, biodiesel, vegetable, recycling and transport. Headquartered in Sao Paulo and foothold in 22 different countries, the company has more than 185,000 employees in production platforms and sales offices.
The PiloTREK level transmitters provide highly reliable level measurement in the city of Lins in Sao Paulo state, where 16 cylindrical tanks with 16 m (52.5 ft) height need to be measured with high accuracy. The storage tanks – which are equipped with PiloTREK WGP-140-4 type Pulse Burst Radars with PP encapsulated DN40 (1 ½”) antenna – contain water based emulsion of vegetable fats. The process temperature inside the tanks is 60 °C (140 °F) and the level never goes under 25%.
  Nivelco's instruments:

      PiloTREK WGP-140-4 – 16 pcs


  2015 - TERMINALES CANARIOS S. L., Canary Islands, Spain, :: Distributor: IBERFLUID Instruments
TERMINALES CANARIOS S. L. is a company dedicated to provide logistics services of reception, storage and delivery of fuels and lubricants in the Canary Islands, Spain since 1986. Thanks to IBERFLUID Instruments, NIVELCO’s Spanish distributor, high reliability MicroTREK Guided Wave Radar level transmitters are responsible for the level monitoring in the lubricants storage tanks at the two sites of TERMINALES CANARIOS.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HBB-442-4 – 16 pcs
      MicroTREK HBB-425-4 – 4 pcs
      NIVOTRACK MBK-525-8 Ex – 2 pcs
269,796Read more ... MicroTREK transmitters in the oil industry (Spain)  


  2014 - Duck slaughterhouse, France, :: Distributor: C2Plus
One of the biggest duck slaughterhouses in the western region of France process and produces more than 25 000 tonnes duck meat in a year. Before going to the waste water plant, all liquid state process waste goes to a huge outside pre-basin, which is continuously agitated to keep the wastewater homogeneous. There is a lot of fat, foam and fume on the surface to be measured, so the ideal choice was the non-contact microwave level measurement offered by NIVELCO’s PiloTREK W-100 series. The integrated, IP68 rated type PiloTREK Pulse Burst Radar level transmitter controls the level of the basin with high reliability. From this pre-basin the wastewater is sent to the water treatment plant.  Nivelco's instruments:

      PiloTREK WPP-140-4


  2014 - Sulphuric Acid Plant, Czech Republic, :: Distributor: NIVELCO Bohemia
In the so-called contact manufacturing process of sulphuric acid continuous level measurement solution is needed for the mixing tank where oleum is diluted with water. The conditions in the tank were very challenging. There is the very aggressive atmosphere with strong fumes added with level fluctuations and not to mention the high humidity. The MicroTREK Guided Wave Radar is perfectly protected against any chemical reaction because all parts are covered with PFA/FEP coating providing long-term reliable level measurement.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HBM-513-4
248,724Read more ... Level Measurement of Sulphuric Acid in the Czech Republic  


  2014 - Soltec Ireland Ltd., Ireland, :: Distributor: Multiplex Engineering Ltd.
Instrumentation for chemical storage tanks that needed to be continuously measured with a high level alarm indication and completed with a complex controlling system. The outside horizontal cylindrical tanks and are regarded as ATEX, hazardous environment, therefore all the elements of the measurement system must be intrinsically safe versions.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTA-430-8 Ex - 6 pcs
      UNICONT PGK-301-A Ex - 6 pcs
      UNICONT PMG-411-1 - 6 pcs
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-401-8 Ex - 6 pcs
      UNICONT PKK-312-8 Ex - 6 pcs
      NIPOWER PPK-331-1 - 4 pcs
241,279Read more ... Complex instrumentation for solvent storage tanks (Ireland)  


  2013 - Hartmann Hungary, Ács,
The main product of Hartmann Hungary is paper egg tray which is manufactured from recycled paper waste. The pre-processed paper waste should be cleaned from the painting materials mainly for optical and for chemical protection reasons. This so-called „deink” process use Hydrogen peroxide which is stored in a large outside plastic tank. The continuous level measurement is solved with a PiloTREK Pulse Burst Radar, high / low fail safe alarm is provided by NIVOSWITCH level switches and the temperature should be also measured. The challenging measurement conditions are high temperature and strong condensation, this is the reason that the PiloTREK level transmitter is equipped with PP antenna enclosure.  Nivelco's instruments:

      PiloTREK WGS-150-4
      WAP-150-0 antenna enclosure + MFT-222-3 flange
      NIVOSWITCH RFM-410-0
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-400-3
      THERMOCONT TSP-119-0



  2013 - GlaxoSmithKline, Gödöllő, Hungary,
GSK is one of the most well-known medicinal chemistry and vaccine producers all over the world. In the Hungarian facility of GSK they use CIP Cleaning-In-Place / SIP Sterilization-In-Place processes in order to provide the required high purity for the medicinal production. These cleaning processes use low concentration acid materials which is in this case is sulphuric acid, stored in 1m3 (35.3 ft3) moveable vessels. The level measurement of the removeable sulphuric acid storage tanks is solved by a PiloTREK Pulse Burst Radar equipped into the openable top over the tank. The speciality of the application that the PiloTREK Pulse Burst Radar measures the level through the plastic tank wall.  Nivelco's instruments:

      PiloTREK WGP-140-4



  2013 - Dirary plant, Czech Republic, :: Distributor: NIVELCO Bohemia
A creamery in the Czech Republic produces milk products and uses some types of corrosive chemicals for example in the cleaning process where the level measurement of these mediums are really challenging for all instrument manufacturers. The chemicals are stored in 2 closed 1 m3 (35.3 ft3) sized plastic tanks. The customer’s demand was to continuously measure the level of the chemicals using non-contact radar measurement through the plastic tank wall.  Nivelco's instruments:

      PiloTREK WEM-150-4
241,464Read more ... Level metering through the tank wall with PiloTREK transmitter (Czech Republic)   


  2013 - Fibrotermica Hungary Kft., Nyírád, Hungary,
Our partner is a Hungarian facility of a leading European manufacturer of polystyrene extruded foam insulation boards where the raw material storage tanks needed to be continuously measured. The customer is interested about the volume in the two tanks and it is calculated from the measured level value provided by coaxial probe type MicroTREK guided wave radars. The measurement data is displayed by UNICONT PMM units which are responsible for the batch controlling. There is an additional high fail-safe protection done by a NIVOSWITCH mini compact vibrating fork level switch. The complete measurement system has intrinsically safe protection.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTA-426-8 Ex - 2 pcs
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-405-8 Ex - 1 pc
      UNICONT PMM-311-1 - 2 pcs


  2013 - Limestone quarry, Poland, :: Distributor: NIVELCO Poland
NIVELCO solid level measurement instrumentation can be employed in practically all phases of limestone processing. The EchoTREK STD / EasyTREK SCD ultrasonic or the MicroTREK TDR level transmitters are ideal choice for accurate level measurement in extremely harsh, dusty circumstances.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTK-408-4
      EchoTREK STD-33J
      EasyTREK SCD-33J
234,945Read more ... NIVELCO transmitters in the limestone production (Poland)  


  2013 - Canning plant, Southern Hungary,
Prior to sealing the green peas and corn cans the food is filled with a special juice that provides the flavour of the product. The storage and the mixing tanks containing the filling liquid are measured by MicroTREK guided wave radars.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTS-420-4 - 2 pcs
      MicroTREK HHQ-413-4 - 5 pcs
      ISOMAG MS-2500 + ML-210
234,939Read more ... Manufacturing filling liquid in the canning plant with NIVELCO instruments  


  2013 - GlaxoSmithKline, Gödöllő, Hungary,
Continuous level measurement of different pH and density liquids for example high purity water, washing liquid, and fermentation liquid with high temperature MicroTREK guided wave radar level transmitter, meeting high hygienic requirements in the pharmaceutical environment.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HHO-412-4 - 4 pcs
234,929Read more ... MicroTREK transmitters in the pharmaceutical industry  


  2013 - Sargeant Marine S.R.L., Romania, :: Distributor: NIVELCO Tehnica Masurarii
The subject of the measurement task is 160 °C (320 °F) bitumen in order to proper stock management. The level in the 7.9 m (25.9 feet) high tank is measured by a PiloTREK WHS-180-4 high temperature type unit. The PiloTREK is connected to a data logging capable MultiCONT PRD-210 process controller unit to monitor the measurement data.  Nivelco's instruments:

      PiloTREK WHS-180-4
      MultiCONT PRD-210
234,915Read more ... PiloTREK test in the coast of the Black Sea in Romania  


  2012 - Agrokémia Sellye Zrt., Sellye, Hungary,
The major instrumentation investment project of Agrokémia Sellye chemical plant in 2011-2012 was continued with the measurement of buffer tanks. The pesticide containing tanks are measured by guided wave level transmitters with 4mm diameter cable probe. The avaiable space above these inside tanks is very small, so rigid rod probe versions cannot be mounted.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTK-504-4 - 3 pcs


  2012 - EISPRO Kft., Hungary,
In the facility of EISPRO Kft. almost every processes in their ice cream production technology are equipped with NIVELCO instruments.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTS-425-4
      EchoTREK SEA-380
      EasyTREK SPA-360
      NIPRESS DRC-2A22
      UNICONT PMM-311
      UNICONT PMG 411
214,933Read more ... NIVELCO in the Ice Cream Factory  


  2012 - Oil tank park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, :: Distributor: Dutco Tennant LLC.
Oil tank park in Dubai is equipped with MicroTREK guided radar level transmitters and THERMOPOINT multipoint temperature transmitters. The system is monitored by NIVISION process visualization software.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTT-414-4 - 11 pcs
      THERMOPOINT TMK-53E-4 - 11 pcs
      MultiCONT PEW-28A-1 - 3 db pcs
214,915Read more ... Configuration a NIVISION system in the Middle-East  


  2012 - NT Food Kft., Kiskunfélegyháza, Hungary,
The NT Food Kft. in Kiskunfélegyháza produces hot pressed, extracted, raw and refined sunflower cooking oil, their best-known brand in Hungary is called Kunsági Éden. The company is the largest Hungarian owned edible oil producer for over 15 years. The implemented measurement system monitors the batch numbers assigned to the raw materials during the whole manufacturing process from the input seed state to the bottled oil state.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HHS-410-8 Ex - 4 pcs
      MicroTREK HTN-415-4 - 3 pcs
      NIVOTRACK MTK-540-4 - 4 pcs
      NIVOTRACK MTK-5A0-4 - 4 pcs
      THERMOCONT TSP-211-0 - 33 pcs
      THERMOCONT TSP-215-0 - 42 pcs
      NIVOPRESS DTE 651-2
      NIVOPRESS DTE 551-8 Ex - 2 pcs
      NIPRESS DRE-452-2 - 4 pcs
      NIMET BLV-141-4 - 152 pcs
      MultiCONT PRW-2MA-2
      UNICONT PMG-400
      UNICONT PJK-102-4 - 8 pcs
      NIPOWER PPK-331
205,735Read more ... Edible oil plant with NIVELCO instrumentation (Hungary)  


  2011 - Mediterrán Zrt, Bóly, Hungary,
Mediterrán Zrt. in Bóly manufactures important \"element\" of building industry, the roof tile. Production of concrete tiles needs many types of raw materials, such as sand, cement, dyes, and auxiliary materials which are stored in silos. These silos are measured by MicroTREK guided microwave level transmitters with 8mm cable probe. High fail-safe monitoring is done by NIVOROTA rotary paddle level switches.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-410-4 - 4pcs
      NIVOROTA EKK-610-1 - 4pcs


  2011 - NT Élelmiszer Kft, Kiskunfélegyháza, Hungary,
Main step of edible oil production is to dissolve the remaining vegetable oil from the crushed and pressed vegetable seeds. This process is done in the extracting tank with chemical solvent extracts, such as hexane. The level of the highly explosive hexane is performed in a bypass tube with guided microwave transmitters. The dosing control is based on the transmitted level values. The special characteristics of the measurement is that dielectric constant of hexane is only 1.9.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTR-410-8 - 3pcs


  2011 - Steel Works in Ózd, Hungary,
Continuous level measurement with MicroTREK guided radar transmitters in the electro-steel manufacturing technology in the Steel Works of Ózd, Hungary.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-408-4
      MircoTREK HTN-412-4
      MicroTREK HTN-410 6 Ex
      UNICONT PDF-401-2
      NIVOROTA EKH-702
      NIVOROTA EKK-710
195,252Read more ... MicroTREK level transmitters in the steel industry (Hungary)  


  2011 - Allison Transmission Site in Szentgotthárd, Hungary,
NIVELCO delivered its MicroTREK HT-400 guided radar transmitters for oil and oil-emulsion tanks in the new site of Allison Transmission in Szentgotthárd.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HT-400
      UNICONT PJK-100
190,032Read more ... NIVELCO, as a prime contractor - Expanding our profile within a local investment  


  2011 - ÉMV Abfallbereiter, Sajóbábony, Ungarn,
Xylol und Borsäure Messung mit MicroTREK geführtes Radar und mit NIVOTRACK magnetosrtiktiver Füllstandstransmittern.  Nivelco's instruments:

      NIVOTRACK MTK-560-8 Ex 4 db
      NIVOTRACK MTC-530-8 Ex 3 db
      MicroTREK HHR-428-8 Ex 4 db
      UNICONT PGK-301-B Ex 11 db
      NIPOWER PPK-331 3 db
190,017Read more ... High precision level measurement in ÉMV Incineration Plant (Hungary)  


  2011 - North-Hungarian Chemical-works, Sajóbábony,
Demands on high-technology measurements in a North-Hungarian Chemical-works. Level measurement of raw material tanks with MicroTREK and NIVOTRACK transmitters.  Nivelco's instruments:

189,929Read more ... Demands on high-technology measurements at North-Hungarian Chemical-works   


  2011 - Coca-Cola HBC Hungary Kft, Dunaharaszti,
Level measurement of a tank park in the beverage production. Level measurement with MicroTREK guided radar level transmitters  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTF 15 pcs
      MicroTREK HTD 2 pcs
      MultiCONT PEW 2 pcs
      UNICONT PDF-501 2 pcs
189,912Read more ... Level measurement of a tank farm in beverage production  


  2010 - Canning plant, Southern Hungary,
Blanching is a cooking process wherein the vegetable is plunged into boiling water, removed after a brief, timed interval, and finally placed under cold water as a heat treatment. After the blanching the podded green peas are collected in hoppers then transferred into the dosing machine and finally it is filled with a special juice that provides the flavour of the product prior to sealing the cans. The rapidly fluctuating and wave-like level in the hoppers is measured by twin-rod probe MicroTREK Guided Wave Radars.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTD-415-4 - 4 pcs
      MicroTREK HTD-425-4 - 2 pcs


  2010 - Distillery and Finery, South Korea,
The Hungarian Alcohol Systems Kft. has been involved in an instrumentation project for a distillery in South Korea. The level of the ethyl alcohol tanks are measured by PiloTREK non-contact level transmitters. The temperature monitoring of the tanks are done by THERMOCONT T vibration-proof Pt100 temperature sensors. The measured current output, temperature values of the 5 tanks and the effluent pipeline pressure values are processed and displayed with a panel system built from UNICONT PMM-300 controllers. The dosing vessels are equipped with NIVOMAG magnetic float level switches.  Nivelco's instruments:

      PiloTREK ALF-532-3 - 5 pcs
      THERMOCONT TSV-121 - 7 pcs
      UNICONT PMM-314 - 18 pcs
      NIVOPRESS DHE-482 - 5 pcs
      NIVOMAG MKA-210 - 2 pcs


  2010 - FIM, Serbia, :: Distributor: INDAS
The high temperature version MicroTREK guided wave level transmitters with mono rod probe measure bitumen in a feeding tank. The instrument operates with high reliability in the high temperature (180°C) environment and sticky medium application.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HPS-410-4


  2010 - DTD Ribarstvo, Serbia, :: Distributor: INDAS
The high temperature version MicroTREK guided wave level transmitters with mono-rod probe measure demineralized water in a feed tank of a steam boiler. The instrument operates with reliability in the steamy environment application.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HPR-418-4


  2010 - Carnex, Serbia, :: Distributor: INDAS
The high temperature version MicroTREK guided wave level transmitters with coaxial probe measure demineralized water in a bypass tube of a steam boiler. The instrument operates with reliability in the high pressure (7 bar), high temperature (170°C) and steamy environment application.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HHA-405


  2010 - Banat, Serbia, :: Distributor: INDAS
The 21 meter tall sunflower seeds storage silos are equipped with 8mm cable probe version MicroTREK guided microwave level transmitter.   Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HBN-421-4


  2010 - Maxima, Serbia, :: Distributor: INDAS
The 10 meter tall calcium oxide (burnt lime) storage silo is equipped with 8mm cable probe version MicroTREK guided microwave level transmitter. Despite the intensive dust during the pneumatic filling of the silo, the measurement is reliable.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HBN-410-4


  2010 - Tarkett, Serbia, :: Distributor: INDAS
The 10 meter tall calcium carbonate storage silo is equipped with 8mm cable probe version MicroTREK guided microwave level transmitter. Despite the intensive dust during the pneumatic filling of the silo, the measurement is reliable.   Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HBN-410-4


  2010 - Rotary Drilling Co. - Drilling fluid plant in Algyő, Hungary,
Level measurement of special technologic liquid - so called drilling mud with ultrasonic and microsonic level transmitters in storage silos. Low and high level switching of the silos are performed with float level switches.   Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK SEP-325 17 pcs
      MicroTREK HTR-425 5 pcs
      NIVOFLOAT NWP-110 17 pcs
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-400-3 2 pcs
179,306Read more ... Nivelco instruments in the oil industry (Hungary)  


  2010 - Vandamme Növényolajgyár, Hungary, Komárom,
Level measurement of storage silos of vegetable oil production process.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTD-425-8Ex : 7 stück
      NIVOSWITCH RCM-400-3 : 20 stück
      UNICONT PMM-311-1
166,467Read more ... Instrumentation in a vegetable oil factory  


  2009 - CS Beton Velke Zernoseky, Czech Republic, :: Distributor: Nivelco Bohemia
Level measurement, dosing control and resource management using guided microwave and ultrasonic level transmitters.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-213-4 : 10 db
      EasyTREK SCD-34J-4 : 4 db


  2009 - Lisztsilo Kft., Hungary, Hajdúság,
Continuous level measurement of flour storage silos with guided microwave level transmitters. The measurement is stable even during filling.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-414-6 : 7 db
      MultiCONT PRC-18A-1 : 1 db
      UNICONT PJK-102-4 : 4 db
166,474Read more ... Level measurement in a bread factory  


  2009 - Water treatment plant, Slovakia, :: Distributor: Hidrofilt
Technological equipments used in processes of water treatment work correctly only under appropriate conditions of flow, level, pressure and temperature. That is why measurement and control of these parameters is very important.  Nivelco's instruments:

      20pcs EchoTREK
      75pcs MicroTREK
      60pcs NIVOPRESS D
      16pcs Nivoswitch
      Thermocont TB
166,451Read more ... Instrumentation for water treatment (Slovakia)  


  2009 - Saint-Gobain WEBER, Romania, :: Distributor: Nivelco TM S.R.L.
Level measurement of raw material silos in plaster production process. The process is visualized on a central computer using the Nivision software.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-408-4 : 6 db
      NIVISION software
166,415Read more ... Level measurement in the Saint Gobain Weber plaster factory  


  2009 - Service Station, Australia, :: Distributor: SEMRAD
Accurate and linearized level measurement of different fuels in service stations using guided microwave radars. The system is completed with MultiCONT controllers and Nivision software. The advantage of Nivision supervision is the WEB access.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTT-410-8 : 60 db
      MultiCONT PRW-1RA-6 : 30 db
      NIVISION folyamatmegjelenítő szoftver WEB felülettel
166,403Read more ... Nivision gaining ground down under  


  2009 - North-Hungarian Chemical-works, Sajóbábony,
High accuracy (1-5mm) level measurement of flammable chemical mediums in standing cylindrical tanks with magnetostrictive and guided microwave level transmitters.  Nivelco's instruments:

      4pcs NIVOTRACK MTK-560-8 Ex
      3pcs NIVOTRACK MTK-530-8 Ex
      4pcs MicroTREK HTR-428-8 Ex
166,390Read more ... High precision level measurement in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry  


  2009 - NT Élelmiszertermelő Kft., Hungary, Kiskunfélegyháza,
Level measurement of high temp (+150°C) oil in heat exchanger in the process of sunflower oil production with guided microwave radars.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HHA-418-8
      NIPOWER PPK-331
      UNICONT PMG-411
166,367Read more ... High precision level measurement and control with guided microwave level transmitter in oil extraction plant  


  2008 - Beton Partner Ltd., Budapest, Hungary,
4 MicroTREK TDR leveltransmitters and a MultiCONT multichannel control and display unit has been installed to monitor 4 silos at the site  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-209-4
      MicroTREK HTN-211-4
      MultiCONT PEW-144
146,921Read more ... MicroTREK GWR transmitters in the concrete manufacturing plant  


  2008 - Steelworks of Ózd Ltd.(ÓAM Ózdi Acélmű Kft.), Budapest, Hungary,
Level monitoring of composition metals in extremely dusty enviroment and intensive mechanical wearing.   Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-205-4 (6)
      MicroTREK HTN-405-4 (2)
146,890Read more ... MicroTREK TDR transmitters measuring metal alloys despite the agony of the industry  


  2008 - Gran Milano SpA, Milano, Italy, :: Distributor: Isoil Industria SpA
Continuous level measuring of sugar and flour in tanks with 6 and 12m heigth with MicroTREK TDR level transmitters. Signal processing is done by MultiCONT PRW process controller.  Nivelco's instruments:



  2008 - Zöldolaj Zrt., Halmajugra, Hungary,
Continuous level measuring and control of raw vegetable oil used in biodiesel production with guided radar level transmitters. The 4..20mA outputs of the transmitters are processed by PLC control system.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTK 201-4 : 4 pcs.


  2008 - Ózdi Acélművek Kft., Ózd, Hungary,
Continuous level measuring and control of lumpy auxiliary metallurgic materials. Signal processing and control is done by a process control system on PC.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-205-4 : 6 pcs.
      MicroTREK HTN-405-4 : 2 pcs.


  2008 - Sarpi Dorog Környezetvédelmi Kft., Dorog, Hungary,
Level measuring and control in solvent tanks with non-contact FMCW radars and continuous temperature monitoring with THERMOCONT temperature transmitters.  Nivelco's instruments:

      PiloTREK ALF-544-7 : 12 pcs.
      PiloTREK ALF-534-6 : 12 pcs.
      THERMOCONT TBJ-521-6 : 15 pcs.


  2008 - Saint Gobain Weber Terranova Kft., Pilisvörösvár, Hungary,
Continuous level metering of outdoor dolomite silos and solvent tanks with MicroTREK TDR radars and ultrasonic transmitters. Signal processing is done by MultiCONT and Unicont controllers.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-204-4 : 10 pcs.
      MultiCONT PRW-1MA : 1 pc.
      EchoTREK SEP-380-4 : 5 pcs.
      UNICONT PMM-314-1 : 5 pcs.


  2008 - Semmelrock Kft., Budapest, Hungary,
Continuous level metering with TDR radar in cement silos, display and level switching with Unicont controllers.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-215 : 3 pcs.
      UNICONT PMG-411 : 3 pcs.


  2008 - Chandigarh, India, :: Distributor: Nivelco India Pvt.
Sugar crystallization pan application: The application is very tricky since the sugar syrup in the pan (tank) is vacuumised at 600–700 mmHg while operating temperature is held at around 80°C. The syrup is continuously stirred by an 40-50 rpm agitator. Due to the evaporation and addition of crystal seeds the syrup if finally converted into crystals.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK H
140,302Read more ... NIVELCO’s MicroTREK sweetens sugar in India  


  2008 - Moscow TEC №22, Russia, :: Distributor: ZAO Rospribor
ZAO Rospribor the russian distributor of Nivelco installed a Microtrek radar to a tank of the no.22 thermal power plant in Moscow for level measuring of mazout.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTK-216-4


  2007 - Villas Hungaria Kft., Zalaegerszeg, Hungary,
Various bitumen level measuring and level control tasks. Level control in 3 bitumen vessels, level monitoring in 4 tanks.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK H
      NIVOPRESS D-600
112,950Read more ... Measuring of bitumen level with guided microwave radar  


  2006 - Agribrands Europe Hungary Kft., Kaposvár, Hungary,
Level metering of various feed stuff in 4 pcs. of 12m tall and 4pcs. of 22m tall silos. Measured values can be queried either with a MULTICONT or with a PC based system via RS485 interface.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK H
      MultiCONT P-100
112,944Read more ... Microwave level measurement – Agribrands Europe Hungay Kft.  


  2006 - Hungary, Villas Hungaria Kft., Zalaegerszeg,
Füllstandmessung in verschiedenen Materialen.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EchoTREK STD-33J-3
      MicroTREK HTN-207-4
      MultiCONT PEW-18A-1
100,714Read more ... Level measurement with ultrasonic and microwave transmitters at the factory of Villas Hungaria ltd, in Zalaegerszeg  


  2006 - Japan, Kagoshima Präfektur, :: Distributor: TOWA-Seiden industrial Co., Ltd.
Messmedium: Tierfutter   Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK: 32 ST. ABL-H09-2 und 3 ST.ABL-H15-2
      MultiCONT: 3 ST PEW-1MA-1 Steuerung über RS485 Kommunikation


  2006 - TECHNISTONE co.-Keramik-Fabrik, Paradubice, Tschechische Republik, :: Distributor: NIVELCO BOHEMIA s.r.o.
Messbereich: 15m Stoff: Schüttgütern und Sand Spezielle Forderung: Kabel-Befestigung  Nivelco's instruments:



  2006 - Tschechische Republik, BETA Olomouc - Přelouč, Keramikfabrik, :: Distributor: NIVELCO BOHEMIA s.r.o.
Messbereich: 13m
Mittels: Zement, feste Material
  Nivelco's instruments:
MicroTREK - Geführtes Radar


  2005 - Berente, Ungarn, KV Kft.,
Füllstandsmessung in Zementsilo.  Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK HTN-310-4 vezetett radar (2 St.)
      MultiCONT PEW-120-1 (HART kom.) (1 St.)


  2005 - Dangerous Waste Burning Plant, Dorog, Hungary,
Four heated 300 m3 tanks containing assorted dangerous waste liquids. Continuous level measurement using PiloTREK 2-wire non-contact radar level transmitters, EEx ia approved intrinsically safe version.   Nivelco's instruments:

      PiloTREK 2-wire non-contact FMCW radar
      Overfill protection: NIVOMAG magnetic float level switch
      Temperature measurement: THERMOCONT termperature transmitter


  2005 - OMGD Kaznéjov, Tschechische Republik, :: Distributor: NIVELCO BOHEMIA
Flüssigkeit Füllstandmessung in Chemische Industrie. Citronensäure Fabrikation in OMGD Kaznejov.  Nivelco's instruments:

      EasyTREK SCA-380
      MicroTREK TDR radar
      PiloTREK FMCW radar


  2005 - Malajzia, :: Distributor: Perdana Ind. Instr. SDN. BHD
TDR Füllstandmessung in 80 Palmöl Behälter  Nivelco's instruments:

      80 MultiCONT PRC-12A-2
      80 MicroTREK ABM-A16-3
      THERMOCONT TTH-512-4
87,744Read more ... Nivelco's TDR tops 80 palm-oil silos in Malaysia  


  2004 - Österreich, Wopfinger in Wopfing, :: Distributor: CONTRA Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
Füllstand wird in 22 Silos mit Steinpulver zur Herstellung von Edelverputz, mit geführter Mikrowelle 2-Leiter MicroTREK gemessen Messbereich: 13 m   Nivelco's instruments:

      22 St. 2-Leiter MicroTREK geführte Mikrowellen Transmitter
87,701Read more ... Austrian plaster is produced by Nivelco's TDR Transmitters landing in hand  


  2004 - Polen, Zementwerk CHEŁM , :: Distributor: NIVELCO Poland
Kontinuierliche Füllstandmessung von Sand und Zement mit geführter Mikrowelle
Meßbereich 15 m
  Nivelco's instruments:

      5 St. MicroTREK ABL-H15-2


  2004 - Polen, Zuckerfabrik Świdnica, :: Distributor: Nivelco Poland
Messbereich: 1,5 m Medium: Zucker Sehr schnelle Füllstandmessung, Behälter über Verpackungsmaschine   Nivelco's instruments:

      MicroTREK ABR-O15-2


  2004 - Ungarn, HOLCIM Hungária AG, Zementwerk Hejőcsaba ,
Kontinuierliche Füllstandmessung in Lagertanks mit verschiedenen Rohstoffen, Kontrolle vom Befüll- und Entleerprozess, Grenzwertschaltung, Trichterüberwachung, automatischer Betrieb mit PC-Analyse  Nivelco's instruments:

      9 St. PiloTREK AOG-544-1 Radargerät
      9 St. NIVOCONT RKK-320 Schwingstab Grenzwertschalter
      9 St. NIVOROTA EKH-402 Drehflügelschalter
87,699Read more ... Radar Level Transmitters in the Hungarian Cement Industry  

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